Got a fussy baby? Got a colicky baby? This might help!

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Got a fussy baby? Got a colicky baby? This might help!

Many mamas like myself have had to deal with babies that cry and cry for what seems to be hours on end. Sure some babies are calmer than others. But what to do about the those who are red in the face and crying their eyes out what seems to be ALL THE TIME. What do you for a colicky baby? How do you soothe a fussy baby? I was asking this all the time with my little premie, who would always cry and pull her legs up as if in extreme pain. I felt really helpless at times. Colic in babies can cause alot of frustration for parents and caregivers, often leading to guilt issues, feeling incapable or even unworthy of being a mom and may even lead to depression.

There are lots of remedies and so many ideas out there to help soothe colicky babies. And I for one, like to read and know about all of them. 

Here is an article that I recently readthat I thought you would be interested in knowing about too. We can actually help prevent colic and fussiness in babies, just by being there for mama! Yes, just be there for her. 

According to research, mamas who have strong support systems, including family (ahem, papas) and friends, tend to have a less colicky babies. So just being around and helping mama get through those early stages not only helps mom but baby too.

A happy mom, really does lead to a happy baby.

How can you help? You can make a meal for her. Visit her and hold the baby while mama does other things. Take the other siblings out for playtime. Visit mama and just talk. There are so many things we can do to support mamas. 

For more ideas, check out this list of 18 Ways to support new moms.


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