How to Start Your Kids Off on Healthy Solid Food

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How to Start Your Kids Off on Healthy Solid Food

As your baby grows, their nutrition needs change. Solid foods are the next logical step s your baby gets bigger and more and more hungry. However, adjusting to solid food takes time. Start your kids off on healthy solid foods by feeding them baby cereal, introducing them to fruits and vegetables, and trying new flavors.

Feed Them Baby Cereal

When a child is born, the natural iron they receive from you drops over time. By nine months their iron stores are very low. Ironis essential for transmitting oxygen through your child’ blood cells and body. Baby cereal is fortified with iron and an ideal early food. Baby cereal will help your child get used to a different kind of eating. Eating cereal will introduce them to new textures and teach them how to swallow. Plus, starting with baby cereal will give them the iron they need and the foundation to try other foods.

Introduce Fruits and Vegetables

Once your child can swallow on command, you can start introducing fruit and vegetables in their diet. These foods contain essential nutrients for their health and development. Green vegetables like spinachcontain essential vitamins that protect baby teeth. It should be noted that your child’s consumption of fruits and veggies needs to happen at a gradual level. Puree the item before feeding it to your child. Don’t offer any hard, raw foods that require chewing. They’ll get there soon enough.

Try New Flavors 

Developing a preference for healthy solid foods starts with the taste and texture. Some children develop picky preferences because they don’t like the textures offered them. Trying new flavors and offering new foods will help your child identify foods they do like and become accustomed to a variety of flavors.Offer new foods to your baby when they are alert and relaxed—they’ll be more likely to try them. Don’t force your child to accept the food. Give it to them more than once so they can see, touch, and smell as many times as they need before they try it.

Transitioning from formula or breastmilk can be difficult for the child and their parents. Start the process slowly. If your child seems disinterested in what you are trying to give them, don’t force it. Wait a week and try again later. Introducing solid foods is a natural step in every child’s development. Starting off healthy will give them the foundation for a healthy and successful life.

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