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Father's Day 2021: What Dad Really Wants?

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Father's Day 2021


Father's Day is almost here. Have you thought about celebrating it with your family? As per Statista.com, 75% of Americans will be celebrating Father's Day 2021. When is Father's Day 2021, and why is it celebrated? Father's Day is celebrated to honor fathers and for children to understand the importance of their dads in their lives. It was founded by Sonora Smart Dodd and is celebrated every 3rd Sunday of June in the U.S. and in most countries. This event will be on June 20th this year. 

We know you want to give your dad or your husband something special for being the "World's Best Dad." But you must also know that not all dads wanted something lavish or expensive this Father's day. Most of them only want simple things. We have listed a few awesome suggestions that are effortless yet can be major for your dad or your husband.


call dad 

Think of Dad

According to a survey conducted by OnePoll in 2019, the top on the list that most dads want is a phone call from their kids. Receiving a phone call, a greeting card, or just hearing the kids say "I love you, dad" is what most fathers prefer. A thoughtful gesture of remembering your dad this day can turn their day memorable and special. 


father's day dinner

A Meal Together

There is nothing more ideal than to celebrate Father's Day with your family over lunch or dinner. Dads love food and family time, so eating good food together would be a great combo. Most dads would love to have a steak to celebrate their day. It's up to mom if she can prepare it or order it from his favorite steak house. You can also prepare dad's favorite desert!

Learn the benefits of having family time from our previous blog!


 Fathers Day, dad relaxing

Let Dad Relax

A busy dad deserves a time off. Fathers work hard taking care of the family's needs, running errands, being a personal chauffeur, caring for the kids, and fixing things around the house. Daddy surely needs a break! Do something for dad like buying his favorite doughnut, prepare breakfast in bed, make him coffee, etc. You can also let him take a rest all day, sleep when he wants, or give him time for himself.


 Father's Day dad drinking beer

Some Drinks for Dad

Dads are so busy, and they seldom have time to enjoy and drink. Buy dad his favorite beer, wine, soda or fruit smoothie and let him relax. Serve it ice cold and match it with his favorite snack. He can enjoy it while watching his favorite show or over some view from your balcony or outdoors.


Dad playing soccer with son

Let Dad Decide

Give dad an entire day off and let him decide what activities he wants to do. It can be a family activity or an activity for himself. He might want to fix the garage, modify his car, play some sports, or his favorite game. Let him drive or bike around somewhere he wants. Join him and agree on the things he enjoys doing.

What matters is we spend time with him and make him feel special. We want him to experience that he is valued, loved, and appreciated. After all, he deserves it, and it's his day!

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