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Are Your Kids Getting Enough Family Time? - Know Its Benefits

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Memeeno Blog: Are Your Kids Getting Enough Family Time? - Know Its Benefits


In today's fast phase reality, most of us are engaged in our day-to-day activities. Whether you are a child busy with school and hobbies, or an adult occupied with household and career, we often overlook the time we spend with our loved ones. When was the last quality family time you had with your kids? Or when was the last moment you played with them?

Today's youth are mostly engaged in screen time, so it is best give our focus on them. In Statista's survey about how children should use their smartphones last March 2020, 86% of parents wanted to limit their child's screen time due to its negative effects. Instead of spending time with those gadgets, connect with your kids and bond with them. Know their latest hobbies, their new friends, the new sport they've been practicing, or simply, ask them what TV shows they love at the moment. Here's why you need to spend those wonderful moments with your kids!


Improves Mental Well-Being

Our family is our greatest source of love and support. Having your loved ones around and having a healthy relationship with them can improve one's mental state, therefore, reducing anxiety, depression, and mental distress. Family bonding strengthens your kids' emotional support that can aid them through tough times later in life. 


Learning How To Resolve Conflict

Family relationships are not all fun, and sometimes we face differences and misunderstandings. Having conflicts in the family is normal, but due to the strong bond we have with our family, there's no problem that can't be solved. Spending time with your parents and siblings allows you to discuss matters, understand each other more, and come up with solutions to solve every conflict.


Memeeno Blog: Are Your Kids Getting Enough Family Time? - Know Its Benefits

Kids Do Well in School

Asking your children about their day and what they learned from school has a big impact on them. What more if you show support in things they do, like helping them do their homework and assisting them in their projects. Constant communication with your child will enhance their social skills. They will be able to understand that education is important and that you care about their success. Thus, we hope they will be motivated to study more and excel. 


Boost Self Worth

When kids feel they are valued and loved, their self-confidence grows. That is why the bond between family members and the feeling that they can rely on each other is important as it helps them boost their self-esteem. Family communication and problem-solving skills that they learn at home can also help them be confident.


 Less Behavioral Issues

According to experts, kids who spend more time with their families have shown a lower chance of incurring behavioral problems, like misconduct or violence. When children are appreciated for the positive things they do, it motivates them to do more. Family activities like playing games, watching movies, or simply asking how their day went can help them vent negative emotions that could otherwise pile up and result in bad choices. If your kids confide in you about their issues, they will be later prepared to handle difficult situations and make good life decisions. 

Most families love watching movies together as their bonding activity. For movie ideas, you can visit, Best Disney Movies To Watch: Listed By Age Group from our previous blog.

Alleviate Stress

There are so many stressors around us, and even our kids experience them. Knowing that you are always by their side helps them reduce their stress and anxiety. Spend quality time and ask them how they are doing. Listen to their problems and give helpful advice. A lending ear and a helping hand will allow them to cope with stress and have a healthy mind. Kids often trust and value their parents' advice and opinion.


Teaches Flexibility

We all experience life changes. Sometimes we take it too seriously, and other times, we have no choice but to accept. This is where the strong family bond comes in.  A healthy family relationship helps shape our kids to be strong and face those challenges. A loving family that supports them can help them to cope and adapt to different life changes.


Memeeno Blog: Are Your Kids Getting Enough Family Time? - Know Its Benefits

Learn Upbringing Skills

Parenting can be hard, but children see you as their role model. They can acquire your loving, caring, and appreciative traits that they can do for others or maybe apply them to their kids someday. Family upbringing is so important. It shapes your kids to become good people. That is why you need to spend more time with them so you can guide them as they grow.


Boosts Longevity

Family time is the best time! Having healthy relationships with your family and other people makes a happy life. And if one is happy, it is said that it extends the life expectancy. According to Harvard, significant family and social connections make better physical, emotional, and mental health. There are surely other ways to live long, but a happy and contented life with people around you extends your longevity much more.


Good for Physical Health

Family activities are not limited to playing games or watching movies at home. Family lunch or dinner can contribute to a healthy diet. Outdoor activities like a run in the park, swimming, or hiking are good for you and your family's physical health. A simple exercise or dancing with your kids at home is also good for everybody. So allow some time for these physical activities that you and your kids can enjoy.


Memeeno Blog: Are Your Kids Getting Enough Family Time? - Know Its Benefits

Final Thoughts

Overall, the benefits of family quality time are truly amazing, and it can serve as a good foundation for shaping your kids to become their best selves. Not only does it benefit the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of your lives, but it also creates unforgettable memories. We want our children to experience a happy childhood that they can share with their kids someday. They are growing up so fast, and they will soon become busy with their lives. We are responsible for their well-being, and we want them to remember the best times they had with their families. So spend your time wisely, spend your time with your wonderful kids!

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