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Deep Breathing: The true benefits

2 min read

A woman doing exercises on a yoga mat.

     Anyone ever look at you and say, "Just breathe!", and you want to scream? 
The thing is, they are giving you the very best advice- in every situation. Deep breathing is such a simple tool to bring you to homeostasis. 

Breathing is an autonomic function which simply means it happens without us needing to remember to do it, however, our hormone levels in different situations can drastically effect our breathing. 

Think back to the last time you got upset. You likely started breathing rapidly which increased your cortisone levels even more. This only furthers the cycle and keeps your mood unstable and leaves you more irritable. 


Promotes the release of endorphins

When you practice deep breathing, even just for 30 seconds, your brain triggers the release of the "feel good" hormone that comes from your pituitary gland. Once this releases, any pain you may be experiencing will be relieved, and you'll also feel a sense of calm come over you! Who wouldn't want more calm moments? 

Forget the celery cleanse. Practice a few deep breaths and let your body do exactly what it was designed to. When you exhale, you release carbon monoxide from your body. The act of breathing is responsible for up to 70%!!! of your body's natural detox process. If you aren't breathing deep enough, your bladder and bowels have to pick up the slack! 

Trying to cut down on your caffeine intake? Breathing can help that problem, too. The more oxygen your body receives, the easier it is for your body to efficiently work, meaning more energy output for you! 

Blood pressure regulation 
That's right. Just by concentrating your breathing, you are improving your heart health. Once more oxygen enters your bloodstream, it encourages your muscles to relax, and your blood vessels to dilate. This lowers your blood pressure and regulates your heart beat. 

Great posture
We know you don't want to look back in twenty years and wish you still had a perfectly straight back and great posture! Work hard at doing something you do every day, all day and watch how much you posture improves. Don't believe us? Try it now. Take a deep breath focusing on trying to make your breath reach your toes. What happens? Your chest and torso rises by being filled with oxygen. It aligns your spine and primes you for a perfectly confident stance. 

Stop right now and give yourself 60 seconds. One minute to focus on yourself. Breathe in through your nose for five seconds. Hold it, if you can concentrate, think about it reaching different parts of your body. Hold it for three seconds then let it release through your opened mouth. Play some ocean sounds or birds chirping in the background and close your eyes. A quick few minutes of this can truly improve your overall health and emotional wellbeing as well! 

Hey Alexa, play ocean sounds! 


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