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Baby Oil Massage: Do's + Don'ts

2 min read

Memeeno Baby Massage Oil

Baby massages offer multiple benefits. These benefits include increasing weight gain, relieving gas, stimulating digestion, promoting better sleep behavior, and most importantly, bonding with mom and dad.

With massaging someone so little, it is important to know some Do's and Dont's before jumping to action. 

The most important advice, Don't be intimidated. A baby massage is just an easy way to decrease irritability and spend some quality time with your little one.

Do:  Utilize a quiet space to offer a massage. This will promote relaxation and a calm environment.

Don't:  Massage baby after right after they've been fed. They may be cranky or easily irritable and it can interfere with their digestion.

Do: Use natural oils or essential oils (after testing the skin for sensitivity).

Don't:  Overstimulate your baby by massaging their whole body.

Do:Massage different parts of the body each time. You can break it up into the following:

  • Face
  • Arms
  • Stomach
  • Back
  • Legs


Memeeno Baby Massage Oil


Don't:  Massage on a high space. It is important to massage your baby on the ground or a safe space to prevent falling.

Do:  Remove technology and maintain eye contact with your baby. You can also use this time to talk or sing to your baby.

Don't:  Massage your baby when they are hungry and irritable. It is important to address their need first before giving baby massages.

Do:  Your baby massage routine can be daily or every other day. It depends on your baby how often you can give a massage. Listen for your baby's queue.

Don't:  Massage your baby if he has health conditions or if he's not feeling well.

Do:  Consult your physician if your baby has a health condition to know if a massage is good for her.

Don't:  Wake up your baby for a massage.

Do:  Give your baby a massage after a warm bath or when you see them calm.

Don't:  Massage your baby in all areas at once. This will overstimulate your baby.


Memeeno Baby Massage Oil


Do:  Massage your baby in one area at a time. The goal is to make your baby feel calm and relax and not to overstimulate them.

Don't:  Tickle your baby or play with them during the massage. We want to soothe them not to get them too active. 

Do:  Connect with your baby. Talk or sing during the massage. You and your baby should both be relaxed.

Don't:  Use any lotions or oils. It may have parabens or harmful chemicals that may cause irritation to your baby's skin. To know how to choose the right baby oil, check out our previous blog!

Do:  Use baby-friendly lotion and oils that are free from parabens and other bad chemicals. Check the label. You can also do some skin test by applying a little amount on your baby's wrist the night before to check for an allergic reaction.

Here's an infographic video on how to massage your baby:

Overall, you know what your baby needs and it is important to pay attention to their cues to better understand what they like and don't like. Remember to have a light hand and really enjoy some one on one time with your baby.

If you have any tips you'd like to share, we would love to hear them! 

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