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6 Things We Learned From 2022

4 min read

6 Things We Learned From 2022?

It's almost the end of 2022, and we must be proud that we have survived another year. It may just have been another chapter in our lives, but we know we are different now from who we were 365 days ago.

Who knows what we have faced this year? People may not know what we dealt with and that our experiences may differ, but despite it all, we conquered difficulties and we became stronger. If there are things we learned this year, what would they be, and how did it change you? Here are some things we should ponder about 2022.


Work Life Balance MEMEENO for gas and colic relief

Being a parent is not easy; it comes with a lot of work, especially if you have little kids. Let's face it, this year could be one of the hard times, and we are doing our best to cope financially. Instead of hiring a nanny or babysitter, we try our best to do everything. From cleaning the house, cooking, and running errands to helping the kids with their needs (feed, bath, homework, etc.), we are doing the best we can. The same goes for working parents; they can be stressed at work, plus running a household daily can cause exhaustion.

Balancing everything is essential, or it will affect your physical and mental health. In facing 2023, we have to be better at taking care of ourselves, remember to eat, and live healthily. This is not just for ourselves but for our kids. They need us.


 Save more spend less MEMEENO baby belly bands for gassy baby

Save More. Spend Less

Inflation is a broad increase in prices. It started in mid-2021, and many factors caused it, such as the effects of the pandemic, Russia invading Ukraine, Oil price hikes, and many more. The whole world is affected by it, but primarily middle-class and low-income families.

Since we have no clue when this ends, it is best to be mindful of our spending. You have to plan a budget for your monthly expenses and cut unnecessary things like subscriptions, etc. You may also check on less expensive stores to shop from and think of ways to earn extra income.


Don't be too  hard on yourself MEMEENO Baby belly bands
Don't be too hard on yourself

We parents often wonder if we are doing things right. We ask ourselves if we have been good parents or handled situations correctly. Other than that, some stresses and difficulties cannot be avoided from time to time.

Life can be challenging, but that is no reason to give up too quickly. You have to practice having a positive perspective in every situation. Do not be afraid of failure, and do not be afraid to make mistakes, as you will learn something from them. Do not be a perfectionist, as you will expect more from yourself, which in time can be exhausting. You can take a break from the things that can make you feel overworked or overwhelmed. Make time for yourself, and enjoy the sunshine and the outdoors.


Adapt to change MEMEENO Baby belly bands to relieve gas and colic

Adapting to changes

Ever since the pandemic began, there is one thing we know for sure, everything can change instantly. There are good changes and bad changes. Whatever change might come, we should be flexible and ready to adapt to it.

Change is inevitable. It cannot be avoided. We should accept what will come and see it as an opportunity to learn and grow. Time can be challenging, but remember that we are not stuck forever in our comfort zone. We might have learned a lot this year, but we will show up next year, stronger.


Use social media mindfully MEMEENO baby swaddles to warm your baby
Use social media mindfully

Social media is so accessible that 56.8% of the world’s population is active. Using social media appropriately has positive effects, such as communicating with others, joining a community, promoting a cause or a business, expressing yourself and your creativity, and gaining new knowledge and learning.

While social media has good effects, too much usage can bring its negative side. Based on several studies, inappropriate use of social media has been linked to depression, loneliness, and anxiety that, if not given attention, can lead to more serious matters.

People may have negative experiences with social media, like envy or dissatisfaction. Even though most of us know that people only post what's good in their lives, real or not, sometimes you can't help but compare and feel insecure. As you scroll along your newsfeed, you want to know the latest tea online, trending tiktoks, fashion, gadgets, etc., and you fear missing out. You want to check your social media every time to avoid missing out on things. And sometimes, you are so into it that you share many selfies, making you feel self-centered and disconnected from real-life connections.

It is best to reduce social media usage as much as possible, do other things to change your focus, check other interests and connect with friends offline.


Peace of mind MEMEENO baby belly bands warm your baby's belly

Peace of mind

Everybody wants peace of mind, which could be on your wishlist this coming year. Many factors can trigger the lack of inner peace. It can be the pressure at work, stress, difficulties, worries, problems or people we can't avoid, and many more.

Having peace of mind cannot be done overnight. If something is causing you anxiety, you must look at it and find a way to manage, accept, heal, and move on. Other ways to have peace of mind are accepting the things you cannot control, forgiving and being grateful, finding time for yourself, meditation, writing your journal, and connecting with nature.



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