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10 Best Family Resolutions For The New Year

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Best 10 Family Resolutions For The New Year

An excellent way to welcome 2023 is by planning what we want to do this year. It could be about our health, job, business, travels, relationships, or something about ourselves that we want to change. While planning our resolutions, why not make a group resolution with our families? Making resolutions with your family can make it more doable. They will be your support system, and you can work together toward accomplishing those goals.

Family goals should be realistic, specific, measurable, and doable for a certain period. You also must consider all the family members who can participate regardless of age. So if you have kids, set goals that your kids can also do.

Being a team, knowing that you have the same goals, can help you motivate each other and progress towards achieving them. Unlike when you are alone, you will most likely struggle to keep your new year's resolutions. Here are some New Year's resolutions you can do with your family this coming 2023.


Family eating dinner together

1. Eating together

Make it a habit to eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner with your family. It is understandable if parents are at work or kids are at school the whole day; make sure to eat dinner together. Eating meals together promote healthy eating habits, a way to train your kids to get used to eating healthy foods as they grow. You can also teach your kids about table manners and how to set the table.

The best thing about eating together is connecting. It encourages us to converse, knowing how each other's day went. Kids will feel more supported as parents listen to them, which can result in good grades.



Giving warm greetings
2. Giving warm greetings

Teens or grown-ups sometimes forget to say "hi", when they get home or "goodbye" when heading out. Make it a habit to greet your family member, "Hi. how's your day?" or hug them when they get home. You can ask your partner and your kids to kiss you goodbye before they leave. These simple gestures can make them feel important and helps strengthen your bond. It's also a way of saying I love you.



Family getting to bed at the same time
3. Getting to bed at the same time

Set a rule about going to bed early. For instance, by 9 PM, everybody must be in bed. Everybody, both young and old, needs adequate sleep, which is vital to our health. We want our kids to be well-rested and be full of energy for the next day. Going to bed together promotes discipline and good sleeping habits. Having enough sleep will make your kids healthy and perform well at school.



Dad reading to kids

4. Device time-out

As part of the family new year's resolution, you can ask your family members to have some downtime, meaning to turn off or not to use devices at least an hour before going to bed. It is an excellent way to relax your mind. You can read books or just have a quiet time. It can keep your eyes from the blue light emitted by devices responsible for keeping you awake. Let's break the habit of staying up late due to screen time.

You and your family can also agree on lesser screen time this year. For instance, no tablets or phones for your kids during school days, etc. This can help your kids be more focus and have better brain function, be more productive at home, get better sleep, be more good in academics, and have reduce risk of anxiety and depression. 



Walking with family MEMEENO baby belly bands for gas and colic relief
5. Work out as a family

Part of every new year's resolution is to work out, so why not involve the whole family? Having others join you in a routine (it doesn't have to be in a gym) like walking, playing some sport, or jogging, can encourage you to do it every day. It can be playing catch or shooting hoops with your kids or joining a club or a rookie sports team as long as you do the activities together or support each other is enough to make you feel driven.



Set financial goals Soothe your baby with MEMEENO baby belly bands
6. Set a financial goal

Discussing money with your kids may seem inappropriate or unnecessary, but it is important for them to be involved in helping achieve your family goals. Your kids can learn the importance of saving, how to spend wisely, and make good money decisions. It's a good way to prepare them for adulthood.


Avoiding soda Baby belly bands for gas and colic
7. Avoiding soda

This may seem hard to avoid, especially for families with kids, but it is one of the best ways to live healthy. You can ask the family members to switch from soda to much healthier choices like freshly squeezed fruit juice, smoothies, or sparkling water.

Avoiding soda can help you cut sugar and calories and lower the risk of diabetes and heart disease.



Boy eating veggies MEMEEENO bands to soothe fussy baby
8. Eat more veggies

Veggies are good for us, which is a no-brainer. Go meatless once a week. Not eating red meat is healthy and can save your budget. Introducing kids to different kinds of vegetables can help them grow up to be less picky, practice healthy eating habits. Moderate meat intake can improve your gut, reduce the risks of heart disease and certain cancers.



Less family arguments MEMEENO bands to ease out baby's gas
9. Less arguments. More respect

Avoid arguments as much as possible. Misunderstandings are typical in every family, and they cannot be avoided. Teach your kids to be kinder, more patient, and have understanding. One should apologize when they are wrong, they should be careful with their words, and always respect one another. Communication is the key to every relationship. Talk when there are disagreements, and compromise.


Call grandparents MEMEENO bands for colic relief
10. Get in touch with grandparents or close relatives

We live in a fast-paced world, and often we forget to communicate with family and relatives. We also learned a lot over the pandemic to appreciate our loved ones while they are still around. Tell your kids to call grandma and grandpa once a week to check on how they are doing, tell them stories, and keep them in the loop. Hearing from their grandkids will surely put a smile on their grandparents' faces.

Do you have other family new year's resolutions in mind? Share it with us in the comment section! We'd love to hear from you!

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