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10 Tips On Developing Child Confidence

4 min read

10 Tips On Developing Child Confidence

Self-confidence is essential to one's existence, and it helps prepare us to face life's challenges. You cannot gain self-confidence instantly; building it takes time, effort, and experience. It is crucial to help your kids develop self-esteem. They can make their lives better, leading to achievements and positively affecting career and social relations.

We as parents have to teach our kids to believe in themselves and their capabilities. We should encourage them every time they want to try new things and be there for them when they fall. Are we doing the things that can positively impact their self-esteem, or is it the other way around? Let's find out how parents can help develop their child's self-confidence.


1. Be a role model

Even adults are not perfect, and it is okay to admit that different situations still scare us. Face your fears and focus on the things that you are good at. Be the role model of confidence and show your child that there are always ways to fix things. Let them know that everything is possible when they believe in their capabilities. Also, teach them about learning to adapt and adjust to changes. If they master this, there is no roadblock that they cannot overcome.


2. Mistakes are okay

Let your kids know that it is okay to commit mistakes. Although it is hard for us not to interfere, we should let them experience it. Let them know that making mistakes is okay. They should learn from it and not dwell on it. Learning from failures makes them strong and builds the resilience needed to be more capable, confident, and successful.

Please do not get upset when they did wrong. Let your kids express how they feel and acknowledge it. We want them to be healthy mentally, and suppressing their feelings will not help. Also, do not focus on their faults; instead, ask them what they have learned from the experience and what they could do to resolve it.


Kids trying other activities like ballet

3. Encourage them to try something new

Trying new activities can open up new skills, which can help them be more confident and capable. They can also explore the world and grow outside of their comfort zone. Along the way, they will learn to discover what they like, what they are good at, and what they need to improve.

4. Finding their passion

Trying new activities can lead your child to discover their interests and passion, which can help them uncover their talents and have their own identity. Having their own identities can build self-confidence, and mastering their abilities can boost their self-esteem.

5. Praise their efforts

Teach your kids to persevere and not give up when they fail. Gaining self-confidence is not about being successful all the time. Setbacks and failures can teach your kids patience. Praise them for putting their best efforts to continue and not quit until they achieve their goals.

Mom brushing daughter's hair
6. Loving who they are

As kids grow, they want to feel good about their bodies, how they look, grow or move. They want to be able to do what others do. They want you to watch how fast they can go on a bike or how good they sing. Kids also like it when you notice how tall they have grown or tell them how good their new haircut is. To help them build a healthy body image, teach them about their bodies, how to take care of them, praise them on how they look and appreciate what they can do.

7. Let them help

Doing chores may not be their priority, but as soon as you assign tasks, they feel more connected and valued when they do things for the family. Telling them, they did a good job completing tasks makes them feel that they belong and are appreciated. Thinking that they are reliable and that you believe in them has a positive effect on their self-esteem.

8. Set goals

Achieving goals, big or small, can help your child be strong! Your kid will have confidence that he can accomplish things on his own. Meeting goals can boost self-esteem. Ask your child to make a list of what he wants to do and accomplish. Help and encourage them to make plans on how to achieve their dreams.

9. Help enhance their skills and talent

As a parent, we want our kids to be good at what they do. Be on the lookout for opportunities to enhance your kids' skills. Let them be involved with activities that can improve or even master their talent. Gaining experience makes them feel more confident in showing what they can do and sharing their skills with others.


Parents kissing their child

10. Always support and love

Always make your child feel loved. Even if they do the wrong things, commit mistakes, have low grades, etc. Always tell them that they are doing great and that you will continue to support them no matter what. Your love will be the foundation of their self-worth, especially when experiencing bad days.


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