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Belly Band Tips

Mom putting on band

The main purpose of the MEMEENO band is to warm and protect your baby's belly. A healthy gut promotes healthy growth. For most babies, the added benefit of this accessory is that the warmth & light pressure helps with gas and indigestion.

So go ahead, warm your baby's belly & keep them looking cute at the same time!

Belly Band Tips

  • Start off by giving baby a warm bath and put on for a half an hour or so after so your baby gets used to the feeling of having it on. Use during the day only when baby is at her fussiest.
  • Fasten the band just enough so it won't slide off. Allow a finger or two to pass under. You'll know if your baby feels comfy or not.
  • Keep the band snug and not too loose as it will come off.
  • Place the band directly over the baby’s skin or under an Onesie. The closer to the skin the better because it will heat up faster.
  • Do not use the band while feeding, or at least keep it loose.. gently tighten after about 15-20 minutes of feeding
  • Keep on for more than 20 minutes so it warms up
  • This band is complemented with regular belly massages, bicycle legs and very good burping!
  • Need more help, contact us directly at support@memeeno.com and we'll be glad to offer some extra advice.



The MEMEENO baby belly band is not a medical device. It is a baby accessory intended to warm and protect the belly to help soothe your baby. The band is not intended for use on babies with any underlying medical conditions (i.e. GERD, reflux, hernia, etc.). Results may vary as no one product can guarantee a complete solution to a baby’s fussiness, gas and colic. All babies react differently to various soothing methods and where one product may work for one baby, it may have no such effect on another. It often takes a little trial and error to find the right safe solution or combination of methods to help soothe a baby with colic or gas.

  • Spread band on a safe, flat surface, lay baby on top of band and fasten in front. Fasten the band snug but NOT too tight. There should be space for one or two fingers to easily fit underneath. See our online video to demonstrate how to wear the band.
  • Use when baby is fussy/struggling to pass gas/constipation. Observe baby and learn her cues to know when to fasten.
  • If there is touch fastener exposed on the side of the band, slide it so it faces towards the back.
  • Place the band ONLY underneath the arms and around the belly area so that it stays secure, otherwise it could pose a strangulation and suffocation hazard.
  • WAIT about 15-30 minutes after feeding and after thoroughly burping before refastening the band.
  • DO NOT use with restraints such as car seats, strollers, or swings, etc.
  • DO NOT use if your baby is sick, has a cough, fever or has any medical conditions.
  • DO NOT microwave the band.
  • If baby repeatedly spits up, cries while wearing the band, discontinue use.
  • BAND is best worn UNDERNEATH light fabric pajamas/onesie or sleep sacks. Avoid dressing your baby in thick, warming (i.e. fleece) garments or swaddle sacks to prevent overheating. Keep room at a cool temperature. Always be sure to follow safe sleeping practices.
  • Always monitor your baby while wearing the band.
  • Consult your doctor if this band or other products are suitable for your child