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Be a MEMEENO Brand Rep on Instagram

A Simple Guide to Instagram Brand Repping for MEMEENO

If you are on this page, you have authentic love and enthusiasm for the MEMEENO brand and want to be an active part of our community! We welcome you and hope you consider being on our Brand Rep team.

What is an Instagram Brand Rep?

Many children’s shops, big and small, often call on Instagram users to spread the word and to get their products modeled by cute kids. Different brands have different rules for what goes into brand repping. At MEMEENO we send our Brand Reps a set number of packages for a certain preset time. Each package has a variety of items we have chosen for our Reps to model. All samples we send to our Brand reps are FREE and theirs to keep, but in return we expect them to take a number of high quality photos modeling the items. They must also send us the photos for our use and share them on their own Instagram accounts. Reps also help to promote sales, product photos, new collections and coupon codes. Reps also get discounts for family and friends.

How you can be the best Brand Rep

Be active on social media, Instagram or whatever social platform you use to be a Brand Rep. Take great photos that are clear, crisp and consistent. Have a genuine enthusiasm for the brand. Use hashtags and keywords that will allow your photos to be easily searched and found.

High Quality, Clear Photos

The photos on your Instagram account should be professional quality, bright (very well-lit), crisp, clear and eye-catching. Limit the use of filters. There should be little background distraction and clutter. A simple background that focuses on the child is best. Use alot of light. We love candid moments, so keep them real! 

We are looking for photos that can be featured on our website, newsletters and Instagram and other social media platforms. Some knowledge of photography is useful when deciding on how to style and take the best photos. 

Your Instagram Account

We want Reps to share our products with all your followers, and we will also support our Reps by sharing and promoting your account. Your Instagram account should be:

• Public

• Professional looking

You may consider creating an account just for Brand Repping to showcase your professional-looking photos and portfolio. It could help you get other brand repping opportunities as well.

Turnaround time

We expect that when you receive samples, that Reps post a photo within a week of receiving it. If more than one sample is provided, then each item should be posted each week.

You could be our next Brand Rep!

If you are interested in becoming a MEMEENO Brand Rep, then head over to Instagram and follow us at @mymemeeno and check out when we have Brand Searches. We also like to pool our Reps from our own followers and Instagram users throughout the year, outside the Brand Rep search process. So keep posting those photos!