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Soothing Babies One Belly at a Time

MEMEENO Founder Souheila Alie Al-Jadda

The MEMEENO® belly band, the company's signature product, was born from a mother’s frustration in trying to soothe her baby daughter. During her pregnancy, Alie developed preeclampsia at 32 weeks and required an emergency c-section 2 months before her due date. Her premie, Mariam, weighed only 3 pounds at birth. After staying one month in the NICU, Alie’s baby finally came home. But her little one cried constantly. Alie tried everything to calm her fussy, gassy, colicky premie. Nothing worked. She felt like she couldn't connect with her baby. She felt like she didn't know what she was doing as a first- time mother. She felt helpless.
Then, a friend gave her a belly belt to tie around her daughter’s stomach, saying it would help with gas and digestion. She tried it and it worked. Baby was passing gas and sleeping better. Mom was sleeping better. Alie started to feel that real, maternal connection with her premie.
The band she used did the job, but was poorly made and required string ties that kept coming loose. After having her second child, she decided to make a better band and share it with other moms, who might be experiencing the same thing with their babies and who are looking for an all-natural solution.
This second-time mom worked hard at her tiny desk in her walk-in closet to come up with the best pattern, style and fit for the band. After months of designing, prototyping and testing, Alie created the perfect triple-layer, self-heating belly band, which uses the baby’s own body temperature to warm the tummy to relieve colic, gas and indigestion.
She’s made it her mission to help other mothers snuggle, soothe and connect with their babies, one belly at a time. Today, MEMEENO offers one of the world’s largest collections of fashion-forward belly bands. Safe, stylish and effective, MEMEENO bands are made from certified organic cotton and all the beautiful prints use water-based organic dyes.
The company name is inspired by this Mama's two children, whose combined nicknames, Mimi and Ameeno, make MEMEENO.
Mom-founded and operated, MEMEENO is not only focused on providing excellent, safe products, but on giving back as well. MEMEENO believes in sharing and giving to caregivers and children in need. Founded on this philosophy, the company gives a percentage of all sales to Givelight Foundation, an organization dedicated to building loving homes and schools for orphaned children. 
MEMEENO also partners with the non-profit organization, Miracle Babies, which provides financial and emotional support to families with critically ill babies in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). MEMEENO donates belly bands to their Miracle Care Bags, which are distributed on a monthly basis to San Diego and Orange County hospitals and contain items designed to comfort families during their NICU stays.


Belly banding is an age-old practice of reducing baby colic symptoms of gas and general fussiness without using any potentially harmful herbs or heating elements. No gas drops, gripe water or special teas, no windi tubes needed. Just an all natural external remedy for gas and colic. For centuries, parents across the globe in the United States, Asia, Europe, and Latin America, have relied on belly banding or abdominal binding, as it is often called, to reduce gassiness and stomach aches by simply wrapping a cloth, band, or abdominal binder around baby's waist and tummy, adding some pressure and warmth. The founder, Alie always says, "A little hug and a lot of warmth is all you need to soothe your baby."

MEMEENO baby belly bandThis dual action of warmth and compression helps to facilitate digestion and the passing of gas bubbles inside the baby's still developing digestive tract. It takes 2 years for a baby's digestive system to fully develop, resulting often in tummy trouble and aches. It takes the same amount of time for infants to grow strong stomach muscles. There are many causes and remedies for gas, colic and fussiness. What works for some babies may not work for others. So, it is always recommended to consult with a doctor about symptoms. This band also helps to protect the navel area from bacteria or dirt that may come from clothing or diapers. With proper cord care, it helps to reduce potential infection or irritation in the navel region. Abdominal binders have also been used to ensure that a baby's belly button remains and "innie" and not an "outie." 


organic cotton belly band for gas and colicThe MEMEENO band is exclusively designed and made of super soft 100% organic cotton front and back with a fleece infill to ensure your little one’s optimal belly warmth and comfort. The prints are made with 100% organic water-based dyes. The band is recommended for newborns to 12 months.

The belly band has many different names, it's also known as belly button belt, umbilical binder, hernia belt, navel truss, navel belts or infant belly binder, abdominal binder, belly wrap, baby hernia truss, neonatal belly band or navel belly band.

Parents can gently wrap around baby’s waist, snuggly fasten at the belly, leaving one or two finger spaces in between baby and band. Do not fasten too tight, but a little pressure is okay. The band is best used after giving baby a bath to warm and protect the tummy from the cold.