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Course: Baby Sleep 101: Newborns to Preschoolers

Help Your Baby Sleep

Navigating the challenges of parenting, particularly in the realm of your baby's sleep, can be a daunting journey. Concerns about whether your little one is getting the right amount of sleep for their age are entirely valid. Know that you are not alone in this journey. Our mission is to support and guide you in achieving your baby's sleep goals, providing assurance and expertise every step of the way.

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  • Who should take the online course?

    Parents/Guardians of newborns, toddlers, or preschoolers who want to empower themselves with knowledge on how to improve their child's sleep.

    How do I access the course?

    The Baby Sleep 101: Newborns to Preschoolers course can be accessed through our MEMEENO Knowledge Center. This can be accessed after you have ordered and registered for the course.

    How long is the course?

    The mini-course lasts about 25 minutes, excluding the Free EBook, quiz, PDFs, and bonus videos.

    What does the online course consist of?

    The course consists of 13 topics to help you understand your child's sleep. It includes sleep tips, free Ebook, PDFs, How-to-videos, and a discount!

    Will the course expire?

    No. You will have unlimited access to the said course.

    Is there a test I need to take?

    There is a quiz to test your knowledge. It is optional and not recorded.

    Is there a certificate after taking the course?

    Yes, we will send a certificate after you complete the course.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Bill Sman
great course

my wife loves it and it assisted her well with our baby

Shereen Ramo
Great video course

If you are struggling or having a new baby this course is very helpful...absolutely recommend it!!

Rania Osman
Helping your baby sleep course

Excellent and very informative course. It gives excellent tips for new moms.