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"I have to say I was a bit skeptical, but once my mom told me that in my homeland that’s how they care for babies who have colic by wrapping their belly’s I was convinced to give it a try .. once I received my baby’s belly band in the mail I immediately put it to use. It’s amazing!! It actually works, I’m happy I made this purchase, it’s something I can use until toddlerhood or when my daughter grows out of having gassiness."

              -Sheri M., MEMEENO Customer


A Warm, Loving Embrace

The MEMEENO band helps soothe and calm your baby in a safe, stylish, and effective way. It keeps your baby’s tummy warm and protected. The band also helps ease colic, tummy aches, gas, and general fussiness. When the baby is happy, mama is happy!

One Size Fits All Under 1

*Not for babies with medical conditions (Gerd, Reflux, etc.)

  • Gently wrap around baby’s waist, snuggly fasten at the belly, leaving one or two-finger spaces in between baby and band. A little pressure is okay, but do not fasten too tight. It can be worn directly on the skin or over a bodysuit. Do not place the band over a swaddle or swaddle sack while sleeping. Always place it under the arms and over the belly and monitor your baby while wearing the band.

    For more detailed information about the use of the band please visit the Product Use & Safety Guide.


Why Parents Love MEMEENO Bands

two babies on bed wearing memeeno belly bands for infant gas and colic relief

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Customer Reviews

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Brandon South

The product was nice and the company was helpful when the product was lost by the postal service.

Amy Huff
Worth a Try!

My first child is almost 2 months old. Though I have nothing to compare my experience to, it seemed to me that he had trouble passing gas on both ends—especially after his last nightly feeding for some reason. He would get very fussy and “extra grunty” and seemed uncomfortable. He is otherwise a very happy/content baby so I wanted to do whatever I could to make him comfortable. When I saw this product advertised I thought-“worth a try!” Almost every time we use this, within 15 minutes he has gone from fussy and grunting to quiet, content and often falls asleep. It usually follows with him passing gas or filling a diaper-with much less grunting/pain. It was definitely worth the purchase for us!

Faith Wisnieski
Helps A lot!

Helped my little one with his upset tummy and gas. So glad I found it.

Tammy Pickett
Belly Band for my new grandbabies colic

Thank you so very much for making this ! My sweet new grandbaby has colic and it breaks our hearts to see her in such pain! So my daughter found the Belly Band and I ordered it and the day she received she tried it on her sweet Lucy Grace and she stopped crying with in just a few seconds ! she still has colic but no where near the severity that it had been! !

Lynn Pethoud

Baby Belly Band - Arrows

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