What to Look for When Finding the Right Pediatrician for Your Children

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What to Look for When Finding the Right Pediatrician for Your Children

Finding the right pediatrician for your children is really important. After all, this is the healthcare provider that will be following your child’s health and growth over the next 18 years or so. It’s likely that you have a number of pediatricians in your area that you can choose from. It can be overwhelming to begin your search. Here are some very important things to look for in a pediatrician when you’re trying to make a final selection.


There are several factors to look  when choosing a pediatrician. You can ask a potential pediatrician what their education and expertise is. While they may have gone through the traditional education process to become a doctor, they may have spent some time learning about something specific. This can include working with preemies in the NICU, learning how to set and treat broken bones or dealing with autoimmune issues. If your child has a health issue, it’s a good idea to attempt to find a pediatrician that understands the needs of your child.

Good Values

There are all different types of pediatricians. They are people just like you that come with their own personality. You might not be compatible with every pediatrician that you meet. Try to find someone that will share the different values that you have. Some doctors are more conservative when it comes to prescribing medications or admitting a child to the hospital. There are doctors who are the opposite. Your choice really comes down to what pediatrician you share beliefs with.


There are many pediatrician offices that utilize nurses, assistants and other doctors to take care of patients. You may have a preference for your child to see their own pediatrician each time they come in for a well visit. Sick visits may be a bit more complicated if you are calling last minute. Try to find out when a specific pediatrician is in the office, how long it takes to get an appointment with them and what type of hours the office runs on. This gives you an understanding of how easy it will be to attend that office.

You should take your time when choosing a pediatrician for your child. You can set up an appointment between you and a potential pediatrician if you want to learn more about them before making the switch. Don’t feel stressed out if you aren’t liking what you’re seeing. There’s a pediatrician out there that will be perfect for your family.

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Charlotte Fleet
Charlotte Fleet

April 06, 2021

I really appreciate your suggestion to ask potential pediatricians about their education and expertise before you choose them. My husband and I are hoping to find a great pediatrician to take our kids to. We will make sure to inquire about the background of the doctors before we choose one for our kids. https://www.mantepediatrics.com/pediatric-services/

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