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What Moms Say About MEMEENO Baby Belly Bands?

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What Moms Say About MEMEENO Baby Belly Bands?

Curious to know what moms say about our belly bands? We value each opinion, and we are glad of the feedback we are receiving from our customers. We will continue to help parents snuggle, soothe and connect with their little ones using the MEMEENO baby belly band. The band gives a little hug around their tummy, which provides warmth, comfort, and its secondary benefits aid in easing out gas and colic. Here are the genuine reviews from moms across the US about their experience in using MEMEENO baby belly bands.

What Moms Say About MEMEENO Baby Belly Bands?

Thank you for making such wonderful products! My daughter likes her blankie so much I thought I better invest in a couple backups. :-) Have a great day! - Kim J., MEMEENO Customer (via Email)

At first, I was not sure about this product but what did I had to loose. I ran out of options. I was tired of hearing my LO crying from gas pain. When this arrived I was so happy honestly it worked right away now me and my partner can finally sleep in the night and nap during the day. I would definitely recommend. - One happy mom, MEMEENO Customer (via website)

10/10 would use this product again and recommend it to every person alive!!!! My 7 week old wore this for the first time last night, he instantly calmed down and passed smooth out on his back which is usually very hard for him to do due to the gas. - Mindi Lane W. (via Facebook)

I got this with a little skepticism but I was also hopeful! This exceeded my expectations by far! I saw a very noticeable difference within 30 mins of my 6 week old wearing this! She suffers from terrible gas even after cutting dairy out! She slept so soundly for hours with this on. I’m a believer and totally recommend this to anyone with a colicky or gassy baby!!! - Mariah M (via website)

5 stars for MEMEENO baby belly band

Yes I did. It is working so well on my baby. I washed it last night and hewas not happy without it on. His gas returned and it was difficult for himto get out. I definitely needed another one to swap out. Thank you so muchfor the belly band it has made such a difference in my son and thank you for checking on the purchase. You have a forever customer ❤️Aisha D (via Email)

I wasn’t sure if this was a FB scam or not but i was desperate to get my baby boy something for his colics. Great customer service and my baby sleeps so much better with it on. So happy i made this purchase. - Beatriz H. (via website)

I just got mine in the mail yesterday and I absolutely LOVE it!! My son is a preemie and extremely colicky and gassy and it instantly calms him. Such a wonderful product!!💞 - Shannon E. (via Facebook)

I kept seeing ads for this and I kept looking at it but I was on the fence since bands usually don’t impress me. My newborn started experiencing terrible gas pains and I felt so terrible for her, I immediately wanted to try this band because I was desperate to find relief for her. She was intolerant to dairy and we hadn’t figured that out yet and so her gas pains were terrible. This band helped give her relief and comfort and I am so grateful for that!! She always falls asleep within 20 minutes of wearing this band and it is usually within the first 5 minutes. It really helps her feel comforted and I often hear her pass the gas either in her sleep or right when she wakes up. The band feels and looks high quality. It is well made, easy to use, and it really works. I still use it even though she is off dairy now and it still helps her with her normal gas pains! Highly recommend this band. Plus, the “darling” is a really pretty design! - Rachel R. (via website)

@mymemeeno in love with our belly wrap works wonders for little ones gas and constipation - _alwaysaqueeninhiseyes (via Instagram)

Ok so I got this and of course I was already doubting it would work. Night #1- I saw no change. But it could be cuz I did not give it a chance. Night #3 (I skipped usage on night #2) - I put it on her and then fed her. She’s an extremely gassy baby and sometimes burp sessions extend to an hour. The band had her burping almost instantly. Burping sessions are down to 15-20min. It even helps with those lingering gas bubbles. I put her down and she would burp more. She wakes up a happy baby! For those who say it doesn’t work, please give it a chance. I think the initial results can be so minimal that we won’t notice the changes/improvements. I never gave it a chance to work and I’m glad I decided to try it again - Roxii S. (via Facebook)

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Safe. All-Natural. Gas & Colic Relief

 The patented MEMEENO belly band is a baby accessory used to warm and soothe the belly.

It applies the optimal amount of coverage, gentle compression and natural warmth on your baby's tummy. This self-heating band gives your baby womb-like security and just enough hug around the tummy to have the added benefit of easing out gas and relieving aches. All bands are made from premium organic cotton and water-based dyes in all the beautiful prints. 

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