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Tips to Help Make Long Road Trips Easier for Kids

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Kids in the car on a road trip

Planning a long road trip with your kids does not have to be hectic or stressful, especially if you take the time to plan out your trip ahead of time. Knowing how to make a long road trip easier on your kids can ultimately result in a happier and more pleasant experience for all.

Drive at Night

Choosing to drive at night is one of the best ways to alleviate the stress that is most commonly associated with long road trips involving children. Plan to drive at night while aligning your driving times with when your toddlers or children typically sleep at night. Enjoy the peaceful solitude while your children sleep.

Entertain Them

Entertaining kids on a long road trip is key to keeping the peace while minimizing whining and complaining. Kids can be a bit distracting and loud when they're in the backseat for a long period of time, so agood way to keep them quiet is to let them play with a gaming device or use a portable DVD player. You can also pack additional items to keep your children busy throughout long road trips. Some items that may keep your kids busy for hours may include things like the following:

  • Books 
  • Sketchbooks/notebooks 
  • Crayons/colored pencils/markers 
  • CDs/smartphone playlists/tablet playlists 
  • A deck of cards 
  • Unique card games designed for road trips 
  • Portable trivia/quiz games 

Be sure to also stock your vehicle with nonperishable foods and snacks such as juices, chips, beef jerky, nuts, and freeze-dried fruits and vegetables as well as any other road trip snacks your children enjoy.

Make Frequent Stops

Long road trips can feel extremely exhausting and boring for children, especially if they are not familiar with long trips on the road or if they often experience motion sickness while in a vehicle. Consider making frequent stops throughout your road trip to help your kids feel less cramped and stuffed up, especially when driving for hours at a time. Stop at gas stations, restaurants, and public bathrooms for refreshments, snacks, food, and time to walk and take a break.

Taking the time to properly plan for an upcoming road trip with your kids is a way to ensure they remain entertained and satisfied with the journey at all times. With the right preparation tips, enjoy your next road trip with your kids while making memories that are sure to last a lifetime.

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