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MEMEENO's Ceta Collection Highlights Awareness About Whales

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Baby laying down wearing a ceta baby belly band

We at MEMEENO care about the environment and all the wonderful creatures that co-exist within it. That's why we were inspired to launch a new design called CETA. Ceta comes from the word "Cetacea," which means a large family of aquatic mammals that includes the whales. Whales play a vital role in our environment. They help maintain the balance in the ecosystem. They contribute to the food chain and help sustain marine life. Did you know that February 23rd is National Whale Day?

Baby laying on a cot with a belly band on

The Purpose

Whales are often seen as gentle giants that are non-violent to humans. We can't deny that whales are adorable, and let's face it, they look so cute when designed into any baby collection. But the purpose behind this theme is to add our small effort to help protect them from illegal whalings and from being endangered. We are doing this by raising awareness about whaling and whales in general as well as supporting organizations that help conserve their habitats. With this in mind, MEMEENO is proud to support to the American Cetacean Society for its efforts in raising awareness about the need to conserve our sea life. We feel like in our own little way, we can do something for these amazing creatures. If you want to know more about what whales can do and how they contribute to our environment, read our blog, "The Amazing World of Whales."


 Jessamin Jensen

The Designer

The Ceta print on our bands and top knot hats was wonderfully designed by Jessamin Jensen. Jessamin is an artist, surface pattern designer, and mother of four kids living in Dallas, Texas. She loves being in nature, gardening, and doing anything crafty or creative. She could get lost in a puzzle for hours and can’t turn down a board game night with friends. Her highest goal is to share beauty and light in all that she creates. You can find her designs on her website jessaminshirin.com or by following her IG account at www.instagram.com/jessaminshirin.



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