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The DL on Jellyfish: Our Newest Print

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Aurelia Jellyfish design Belly Band on top of a blanket


In celebration of "Earth Day 2021", we are launching a new design called "Aurelia," which comes from the scientific name of a Jellyfish. Aurelia aurita or known as moon jellyfish is the most popular among the Jellyfish species. It has an umbrella-shaped membrane with tentacles and has a translucent body that usually drifts with the current and moves in limited motion. The Aurelia species can be found on the eastern Atlantic coast of Northern Europe, the western Atlantic coast of North America in New England, and Eastern Canada.

We won't contest that it is truly amazing to stare at these creatures. Their color, shape, and glow bring the charm out of them. We also know that most of them can sting despite their pretty looks. You may not know much about the world of jellyfishes but let us share with you the wonders and amazing powers of these soft jelly critters.


What Jellyfishes Can Offer?

Rhopilema esculentum Flame Jellyfish

Did you know that jellyfishes are a source of collagen? You heard that right! Collagen is being used in medical reconstructive surgeries and wound dressings. According to a study from sciencedirect.com, it was concluded that collagen obtained from jellyfish (Rhopilema esculentum) quickens the wound healing process. 


Aequorea Victoria Crystal Jellyfish

The discovery that benefited mankind is the GFP or the green fluorescent protein. This protein is found on Aequorea Victoria, a type of jellyfish. Three of its proteins create a structure that releases visible green fluorescent light. This light is used to study cells in embryos or fetuses during the growth process. The said protein is used as a biomarker by scientists to study genes in real-time. It was very helpful in medical research and was utilized in more than 30,000 studies that include Alzheimer’s and HIV diseases.

With the said benefits, you may be thinking that jellyfishes can become extinct. Worry not, earth-lover! Jellyfish reproduce in great numbers. There are not many predators that prey on these gelatinous organisms. Overfishing and climate changes contribute to their proliferation. Low concentration of oxygen and increased temperatures are often the causes of jellyfish bloom.


Aurelia's Purpose

Oceanic Preservation SocietyOceanic Preservation Society 

While these cute creatures look good in our belly band and with our mission to soothe babies, one belly at a time, we would also like to give back to the environment, especially to the sea. In our little way, we are proud to support "Oceanic Preservation Society" a non-profit charitable organization based in California that organizes advocacies and campaigns to protect the planet. Their mission is to give voice to the voiceless by exposing the most critical issues that our planet is facing through high-impact films and visual storytelling. We are grateful for organizations like these. May they find success and carry their mission to future generations. Giving efforts to help our planet can make a huge difference, no matter how big or small.

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