The #1 Best Colic & Gas Relief Belly Band for Babies

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The #1 Best Colic & Gas Relief Belly Band for Babies

What makes the MEMEENO organic cotton baby belly band different from those that use microwaveable herbal/rice heating packets?  

Microwaveable Packets:

  1. A Burn Risk - This can be harmful since microwaves all heat at different temperatures risking burning baby or causing great discomfort with over heating. Parents of reported their baby being burned by such packets.
  2. Decompose - Herbal packets use plant materials in them that eventually begin to decompose and disintegrate. Some people have reported opening them and finding mold growing inside. Imagine placing moldy organic materials on a baby and having her breathe that in without knowing it. It's unsafe.
  3. Cost More - You have to keep buying new packets when your own packets get wet, moldy, old or you just plain lose it somewhere in the house. A lot of these packets aren't cheap.
The MEMEENO belly band eliminates all this. How?
    1. Organic - The band is made from organic cotton. So no toxic chemicals used in the making of the band. The prints use organic water-based dyes, even better.
    2. ZERO Burn Risk - Why do you need to heat anything up when your baby's own body temperature acts as heater. The MEMEENO band is made of three layers, organic cotton on the top and bottom & lined with a warm fleece layer. When the band is placed on a baby's bare tummy or over a onsie, the fleece-lined band heats up naturally using the baby's own body temperature. It is self-heating, and that's awesome!
    3. No Mold, Bacteria, Decomposition - the MEMEENO band will never mold, decompose, grow bacteria. It has anti-bacterial properties and It can be regularly washed and cleaned, eliminating any risk of mold or decomposition.
    4. Cost-Effective - No need to buy multiple packets of anything. You buy the band once and use it over and over for ALL your babies. Plus, organic cotton lasts 5 times longer than treated cotton.
    5. No packet means nothing will fall off the baby's tummy or sewn in pouch. The MEMEENO band stays in place.

If you have colicky baby who is fussy all the time, can't pass gas and cries a lot, then this band is for you.

MEMEENO has the world's largest collection of organic cotton baby belly bands, with different prints to fit you and your baby's style!

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