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Positive Mindset Hacks

2 min read

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You've lived through a lot. Wouldn't it be amazing if you could hack your brain to be more positive through it all? 

We've got five quick tips to help you do just that.

Smile In Your Surroundings
If you want to feel happier, surround yourself with things that bring joy. That could be painting a wall your favorite color, adding house plants, and allowing more outdoor air to flow through your favorite room. 
You'll notice that the brighter your space is, the more you'll feel energized and positivity will naturally flow. 

Less clutter means less stress. Knowing that every single thing in your space has a home and a reason to be there will set your mind at ease. This will trick your brain to stay calm under pressure and find more positivity throughout mundane tasks in your day to day. 

Commit to yourself and come up with a routine. Start small and add on as you can. This can be as simple as a daily walk in the afternoon or a 15 minute HIIT session in the mornings, or even committing to water a plant every other day. You'll notice the longer you keep your small commitments, the more you'll be able to add on your plate and feel accomplished! 

Nourish Your Body 
Take time to find a recipe for a colorful meal. Be intentional with preparation. Turn on good music, pour a drink into a fancier glass than normal. Serve your meal or drink on a nicer plate than normal and enjoy that meal in your favorite spot in your home. Make this a weekly goal and have fun with discovering new recipes. 

Write It Out
It might sound the most cliché, but journaling helps you reflect on your day, process small and major life events, and gives you a peek into the past later on. This could be as small as writing down one thing that made you smile today! 

Remember, small steps can make a big difference. Making a meal, writing about something that brought a smile and freshening up a room can really hack your mind into being more positive! 


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