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Planting With Kids

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Planting With Kids

It's spring season, and it is a beautiful time to do some gardening. Planting can be a family activity, and it is way more fun when your kids can join you. There are several benefits that planting can do for kids. They spend time outdoors, allowing them to explore instead of staying in their rooms using tablets or mobile phones. They can learn new life skills and see the importance of caring for the environment. Planting can also teach them patience as they wait for their plants to grow. In this blog, let us learn what planting can do for your kids and how to encourage them to do this activity.

What can kids benefit from planting?

Physical activity and good health

Planting may seem an easy task, but an afternoon spent on it can make your body feel sore the next day. Activities such as digging, raking, etc., uses the upper and lower body muscles and can help burn calories. Kids will be encouraged to eat more fresh produce as they can see how veggies are planted and wait for them to grow. This way, children can learn about patience and will appreciate healthy foods more and not make them go to waste.

Builds confidence

Developing self-confidence is vital to a child's development. Plants may take time to grow, and once the child sees the success of growing their plants, they will treat this as an achievement and make them feel they are capable of anything. Let your kids experience planting seeds, watering them, and daily plant care. They will feel accomplished once they see their plants start to bloom.

A natural stress-reliever

Gardening has a calming effect, and it allows the kids to be alone, without any gadgets, breathe fresh air and relax. According to a 2011 study by Sage Journals, gardening reduces cortisol levels, also called stress hormones. Another study said that people having access to gardens had fewer stress occasions than people who do not spend much in a green space. Indeed, nature has a way of giving us peace, reducing anger, fear, and increasing happy feelings. Planting also has positive effects on our body; as mentioned previously, it allows us to do physical activity, but seeing nature alone can lower our heart rate blood pressure and lessen muscle tensions.

Enhances memory and improves focus

Did you know that gardening serves as a therapy for people who recovered from an illness? It is called horticulture therapy, which effectively restores cognitive, speech, and motor abilities. On the other hand, being exposed to green space has helped kids with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) improve their focus. Also, based on research, children having access to nature enhances their mental skills, makes them think better, and outdoor activities like gardening can improve one's memory and attention. To lessen their screen time and make them enjoy the outdoors more often!


Positive Impact

We know that gardening makes us happy, especially when we see blooming flowers. Other than that, gardening has a more deep positive influence; it reduces the risk of depression and anxiety. Gardening has been found to affect people's health and well-being positively. They say people who love to spend time in the garden have more happy feelings and have fewer negative thoughts. We may be busy, but it is essential to spend time with our kids outdoors and do less stressful stuff like planting or gardening. We want to build strong mental support for our kids, and an activity like this can help make that foundation.

How to encourage kids to be involved in gardening?

It all starts with you. Being their parent, we must show them how to choose the seeds, plant, and take care of our garden. Try to normalize it and make it a routine in your household. Raise kids to appreciate and give importance to planting and nature. Here are some tips to encourage your kids to join you in gardening:

  • Let them choose that to plant
  • Teach them how to prepare and plant seeds
  • Have indoor and outdoor plants
  • Teach them how to maintain and keep those plants alive
  • Supply them the tools and teach them how to use them (small tools for tiny hands)
  • Have an easily accessible garden
  • Teach them how to water plants properly


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