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MEMEENO as seen on TV and Blogs

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MEMEENO as seen on TV and blogs

Over the years, MEMEENO has helped countless babies protect and give warmth to their little tummies through our baby belly bands. These bands gave them comfort and soothe their tummies from gas or colic. We are glad that MEMEENO has been featured on different media platforms, including TV shows, blogs and magazines. We are grateful for the trust and for everybody who believed in our product. Being a new mom and dad is hard, and we commit ourselves to continue sharing what baby belly bands can do and help parents worldwide to soothe their babies, one belly, at a time.


MEMEENO Featured on TV

Hometown Living CBS Indiana

In a TV show called "Hometown Living" (WSBT) in Indiana, a CBS affiliate. MEMEENO Baby Belly Band was featured on the segment called, "Mom-Approved Baby Shower Gifts," which described it as a natural and external way to treat gas with warmth on the belly.

Maggie Flecknoe's Must-Haves in CW Houston 

Our Baby Belly Bands were featured on CW Houston's Maggie Flecknoe's Must-Haves to showcase the must-have spring fashion items. As mentioned, it is an "Award-winning band that warms the tummy to relieve colic, gas, and digestion. Such an amazing thing. It's safe for your baby, made of super soft 100% cotton, polyester fleece for your little one's belly, they are so warm and comfortable that is gonna help all the little ones out there".

Low Country Live on ABC 

Rachel Urso, Celebrity Baby Trends Forecaster & HG TV Star, mentioned on Low County Live Show, "It makes it snug enough to release the gas pressure from the babies, it brings the bloating down, and it's about soothing the natural way, colic and gas relief," says Urso. "I used a lot of Mylicon drops, and fussy water drops all the time, you don't need that, just get one of these."


MEMEENO baby belly bands were featured on KTLA TV News by Lifestyle Expert, Susana Franco as one of the awesome gift Ideas moms will Love. "It gives comfort and perfect compression around the belly, it naturally warms up the belly, so they can get that relief from those belly aches. It will help moms to rest at night".

Other Shows:

CBS AZFamily: Your Life Arizona - Easy Eating Items for Babies & Toddlers

MEMEENO Featured on Blogs & Magazines

Mommy Factor Family Lifestyle Blogs 

We recently got featured in "7 Products from Brands Owned by Mothers" by Onica. The blog is about supporting mom-owned brands this Mother's Day, and among those brands is MEMEENO. Onica highlighted that "MEMEENO baby belly bands are a holistic remedy for fussy babies to reduce gas and relieve colic without using any potentially harmful herbs or heating elements."
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Chatty Patty's Place

We're glad to be part of Chatty Patty's Place of "12 Products On Amazon That Should Already Be In Your Cart". They featured the MEMEENO baby belly band being a newborn's favorite. That belly banding is an age-old practice of reducing baby colic symptoms of gas and general fussiness without using any potentially harmful herbs or heating elements. A safe, super-soft, 100% organic cotton, and an all-natural external remedy for gas and colic.

New Theory Magazine

New Theory Magazine recently gave us a fantastic Baby Belly Band review! A blog by Joselin Estevez described the MEMEENO baby belly band as being soft and of excellent quality. She mentioned it as a life-saver for babies with gas who constantly wakes up at night. "The band also helps ease colic, tummy aches, gas, and general fussiness. When the baby’s belly is warm and comfy, everyone can enjoy the precious moments of cuddles and snuggles."

TechMae had written a wonderful blog about MEMEENO's founder titled, "From NICU Mama to Chief Soothing Officer, Souheila Al-Jadda Shares Her Journey Creating Memeeno." It tells the story of a mom and her premie baby, and how MEMEENO started. According to the article, Alie "designed and patented a self-heating baby belly band that helps to ease gas and colic in infants in a natural, external way. ‘With a little hug & a lot of warmth’, the band has helped thousands of parents soothe and calm their fussy, gassy, colicky babies."

US Weekly

We're very happy that MEMEENO was featured in the US Weekly Back 2 School & Family Favorites. It highlighted our signature product, the MEMEENO baby belly band that helps warm the baby's tummy, and eases out infant gas and constipation.

Authority Magazine

An article written by Dr. Ely Weinschneider, Psy.D titled, "Alie Al-Jadda of MEMEENO: “Seeing Light at the End of the Tunnel; 5 Reasons To Be Hopeful During this Corona Crisis” talks about the story of Alie, how MEMEENO started, and how to cope during the times of pandemic.


An article written by Leslie E. Royal titled, "Baby Please… 21 Great Gifts the Mom-to-Be Will Enthusiastically Use." MEMEENO was featured as one of the useful products for mom-to-bes'. The signature product, the MEMEENO baby belly band, is described as an award-winning band that is designed by a mom for moms. It is stylish, made of 100% organic cotton, and has an infill of fleece. The triple layer band uses the baby’s body temperature to warm and compress the belly which helps relieve gas and colic.


"Using Belly Bands To Help Babies With Colic Is Safer And All-Natural," an article written by Nicole Christensen. She mentioned, "When I got my band, the most impressive thing was definitely the softness of the fabric. I was very amazed by how comfortable the fabric is, and I wish that there was a huge blanket made out of the material. So comfortable! I was also in love with the pattern I chose. I chose the Darling pattern, and it looks even better in person. They have over 15 patterns to choose from, so you can absolutely find one that you like!"

Miracle Babies

MEMEENO partnered with Miracle Babies, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) families in need. MEMEENO contributes to the Miracle Babies Care Program, which distributes care bags on a monthly basis to NICU families in Southern California. MEMEENO will donate belly bands for care bags to be distributed to select hospitals in Orange County.

For Every Mom

Written by Bri Lamm, the MEMEENO baby belly bands were included in the "18 Must-Have Baby Products For Every Mom This Spring". As mentioned, "MEMEENO brings this practice back to life, and it’s safer than modern alternatives with no need for harmful, microwavable heating packets, medicines, drops, waters, teas or tinctures."

The Sleep Nest

Karoline Babaian, Founder & Certified Sleep Coach of The Sleep Nest, made a video review of MEMEENO baby belly band. According to her, "Belly Bands from MEMEENO is your solution!! These are amazing for a number of reasons! They are safe, they are natural, and it’s an external method to relieve colicky and gassy issues."

Dream Baby Sleep

"5 Ways to Calm a Fussy Baby," a guest blog by Alie, the founder of MEMEENO. The article is about MEMEENO baby belly bands, the benefits babies can get from them, and how it works.

OC Mom Blog

An article written by Shelby Barone, about "Best Gifts for Mom," includes the MEMEENO baby belly bands. She talked about how the band can help new moms and their babies. "This self-heating band gives your baby womb-like security and just enough hug around the tummy to ease out gas and relieve aches, making it one of the safest, most effective external remedies for gas and colic symptoms. The band uses premium organic cotton and water-based dyes in all the beautiful prints."


MEMEENO got featured on the list of "Mother's Day Gifts She Would Actually Want." It will help new moms, specially their babies who are gassy and colicky.

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