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This summer we took some time off to visit and reconnect with our friends and family abroad. Every year my family likes to take some time off of our busy schedules, our screens and our routines just to be....just to be with the people who matter most.

During this time, my husband and I wanted to meet the wonderful people who make our products. We traveled to India where we source our fabrics and got to meet with the seamstresses and seamsters who work hard sewing high quality, ethically-made products for MEMEENO. 

We met Mr. Rama, who owns his small textile business. Like MEMEENO, his business is family-owned. We met his lovely wife and camera-shy daughters as well as his brother-in-law- all who help make his business, and consequentially ours, a success.

He showed us around his workshop, we looked at many product samples and we met his 15 employees. We were excited to see our new swaddles that we'll be releasing real next month! They are beautiful and so buttery soft, with a special, secret design element I know you are going to love!  We spent the rest of the day together with him and his family. And though our families are worlds apart from one another, we all quickly discovered that we share many of the same values of putting family first, working hard and providing the best for future generations.

I am comforted by the fact that each MEMEENO product sold helps to support not just my family, but other families who work hard to make a living. Whether in America, India or anywhere else, the challenges of life, love and progress is real. 

In everything I do, no matter what it is, be it in my home, at my children's school, or in my own business, I always try to ensure that my work and actions can be of benefit to others. With this in mind, we at MEMEENO always aim to help families, world-wide, care for their babies. Each of our products is designed and made with this love and special care for your little ones.

I am deeply aware that globally, many children are alone and in need of support, love and resources just to survive. In line with our philosophy, we donate a portion of our sales to  The Givelight Foundation, which helps build loving homes and schools for orphaned children.  


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