Introducing the Swaddloop Blanket

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Introducing the Swaddloop Blanket

I am so so excited to introduce the Swaddloop swaddles to the world! These swaddles are now live on our site! This collection of 8 swaddles is something I have been working on for a really long time and I am just swooning over these blankets. 

You're probably asking, why is it called Swaddloop? Well, it's not your everyday swaddle. What makes this blanket unique is the elastic loop. It includes a little loop right underneath the MEMEENO brand tag, giving it a utility that no other swaddle has. When you use the loop you can transform the swaddle into so many other things when it's not being used to snuggle and put your little babe to sleep. It can be nursing cover, car/seat cover and so much more!

I love all the prints so much. And I love the one solid color that's included in this collection. It is a beautiful Sage that can be for girls or boys.


Sage Swaddle Set Swaddloop Blanket by MEMEENO

 I do hope you love these as much as I do! Happy Swaddlooping!

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