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10 Fun Things To Do Outside With Your Kids In The Spring

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Mother and daughter reading a book on the grass

 Springtime is near! It's the time of the year when the weather gets warmer, and the flowers start to bloom. It is also the time where students are excited about spring break, parents get busy with spring cleaning, and kids are delighted to come out and play. Amidst the changes in our world brought by the current pandemic, everybody still looks forward to having a fun spring. It brings us new hope and uplifts our spirits, especially when we feel the warmth of a sunny day. No wonder why most people are in a good mood, looking outside their windows at the onset of spring. Now living in the new normal, what are the things that we can do for Spring 2021? Will there be available activities for kids outside, or will they be staying more at home?


As per Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), if you are heading out, it is safer to have your activities in a well-ventilated area to be safe from contracting Covid-19. You should be 6 feet away from people you do not live with or wear a mask if you need to interact with someone. Some of the suggested activities below are outdoors, and we should teach our children of handwashing, using hand sanitizers, wearing masks properly, and maintaining the correct distance from other people. We have to limit their exposure to crowds, restrict travel, and avoid touching public surfaces. We must bring hand sanitizers at all times, wipes or tissues, extra masks, and even touchless door openers will come in handy. Let's check out the different fun-filled activities we can do with our family this spring!




Family Picnic

You do not need to step outside of your residence to achieve this. Placing a blanket or a picnic mat in your backyard will do. Prepare your family's favorite snacks and enjoy your time being together. Arranging picnics with your family promotes bonding, and you can focus more on interacting with your child. You can play games, enjoy the fresh air, or have a wonderful chat with them. Put gadgets aside as this is the perfect moment to enjoy quality time with your kids.




The Fun In Gardening

Gardening is a way of relaxing, and as the flowers bloom, it is the perfect time to get in touch with nature. Kids nowadays maybe are fond of today's technology, but it's never too late to introduce them to gardening. Gardening has many benefits, especially to your health. Being exposed to sunlight and fresh air reduces the risk of depression. The simple movements you do with gardening may also count as exercise and is good for you and your kids. Teach them that you can grow veggies, fruits, and herbs and that you can incorporate them in their meal to have a healthy diet. Let your kids be hands-on and have fun with planting. You might be surprised that they will learn to love and make it their own hobby. You can also visit our previous blog on "How to grow an indoor garden (and keep it alive!)" for helpful tips!




Art Scribble

Scribbling using chalk on pavements has benefits, especially for younger children. It develops their fine motor, cognitive, and gross motor skills. These milestones are needed for writing, drawing, painting, and other related skills. It is also a way to express themselves and draw what they think. Join your child and let them unleash their creativity. You can take a photo of it to treasure memories.




Backyard Campers

Have the coziest camp in your backyard and gaze under the stars! You can use a tent and bring in your comforters, sleeping bags, or even an inflatable mattress. Add what you can to make your family comfortable and have the best camping experience ever! You can use a fire pit or a small charcoal grill to toast some marshmallows and make some s'mores. If not, you can pack trail mixes, sandwiches, juices, and other snacks in your cooler. Don't forget to plan games and do some story-telling for the family to enjoy.




Let's Go Hike

Who's up for an adventure? You can find a local trail and bring the family with you. Hiking gives us physical and mental health benefits. It will make your kids smarter as they will be making quick decisions and adjustments. They will also learn more from exploring the wildlife. Walking in nature can also reduce stress and anxiety. It would be nice to feel the breeze and hear the swaying leaves after many months of lockdown. It will bring us relaxation and a breath of fresh air. Just follow the CDC safety protocols, and you will be alright.




Nature Scavenger Hunt

Plan a nature Scavenger hunt! You can find free printables on Pinterest for these. It will be fun for your little explorers to search your garden for acorns, pinecones, and other things. It helps develop your child's problem-solving and observation skills. They can also learn teamwork and cooperation with their siblings. Leave clues for your child as it will help them to practice following directions.




Photo snaps

Go for a morning walk and appreciate nature. Walking is a relaxing exercise and brings you into a good mood. Let the kids take pictures of the blooming flowers and chirping birds or any animals they may see. Enjoy the beautiful view with your kids. Take a photo with them and collect those precious shared moments.



Get Sporty

Playing catch with your kids can be so much fun! Not only that, did you know that it enhances one's cognitive thinking? Yes, you heard us right! From identifying the object, maintaining balance to deciding how to catch it. This game uses all your brain lobes and is a good exercise for your mind and body! You can use a ball, frisbee, and even a boomerang. Choose which is easier to catch. On the other hand, you can also play football or basketball in your backyard. It will be a safe and comfortable place for your kids to learn. Playing sports together helps build a strong family bond.



Bike Ride

Have a bike ride with your family around your neighborhood or at a park near you. Biking reduces stress and burns calories. It is a good way to exercise with your kids. It is also good to start young kids to learn how to bike. It helps improve mental health and fitness. It can be a great bonding for you and your child. Just do not forget to wear a helmet and bike safety gear for protection. Also, follow the CDC guidelines in going out. If you have a baby, you can get a bike seat for them or a bicycle trailer. You can have the trailer attach to your bike, so they can roam around and enjoy the outdoors with you.




Cloud Watching

It can be the simplest activity, but it can boost your child's creativity, imagination, and learning. You can lay on the grass with a blanket and start gazing at the clouds. Ask your child what shapes or animals they can see through those clouds. You can also ask them to identify the kinds of clouds which they have learned from school. If not, then teach them more about it as it can spark their curiosity and be keen observers.


 For You And Your Family

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