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Belly Band vs. Probiotics

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MEMEENO for gas and colic

Colic in babies is normal. It usually occurs in 1 out of 5 babies. Parents tend to worry when their baby cries for prolonged hours and not one solution seems to be working. Plus the sleepless nights and exhaustion, moms and dads will try anything just to comfort and soothe their little ones.

There are natural ways to soothe them like using a baby belly band for gas and colic or some try other, more invasive ways, like plastic tubes in tushies, gripe waters, gas drops or by giving them probiotics. A closer look into one of these other options, probiotics can help you decide which is best for your baby's gas and colic relief: probiotics or belly band.

What are Probiotics?

Probiotics are living strains of good bacteria and yeasts that help us to have a healthier gut. They are often present in yogurts, dietary supplements, fermented foods, and beauty products. Probiotics are also advised to make our digestive tracts healthy. But why do we need probiotics if we already have existing good bacteria in our bodies?

When people hear about "bacteria," they usually think it is dangerous and can make us sick. Little do they know that we have both good and bad bacteria present in us, which is normal. It maintains the balance our body needs. If bad bacteria grow more than usual, it will disrupt our body's healthy balance, making us susceptible to infection and other diseases. With the help of the good bacteria, it gets rid of the excess bad ones and restores our body to its healthy state.

On the other hand, probiotics are said to help the good bacteria. It aids in digesting food, creating vitamins, and killing disease-causing cells. Although experts are still trying to determine how probiotics exactly work, do they actually work for babies?

Belly band vs probiotics

Probiotics and Babies 

How do probiotics work in babies? In adults, probiotics help in many ways including, strengthening the gut and help fight infection. For babies, it is said to aid in infant colic, diarrhea, and allergy however, more studies are needed on whether probiotics are effective in different infant health conditions.

Babies are born with a clean gut. Bacteria are only introduced through the birth canal and when they start on breastmilk or formula. It helps develop your baby's immune system and restore the normal flora in case of infection. There are different strains of probiotics and they also have different effects.

Are Probiotics Safe?

According to experts from an Italian University, probiotics can help infants in their first three months to prevent tummy troubles like colic. The studies suggest that it is safe for babies but most tests are conducted on healthy infants. A probiotic study in 2011 shows that there has been a reduction of colic symptoms and crying in infants when 5 drops of probiotics have been given to them prior to breastfeeding. Another probiotic study in 2014 states that a specific probiotic has lessened gut problems, constipation, reflux, and less crying in babies.

Albeit probiotics are acknowledged as good live bacteria, more research is needed on how these microorganisms work on babies. It may or may not be safe since babies have a thin layer in their GI tract and the live bacteria can enter the bloodstream. This may cause septicemia or bacterial infection in the blood, to which babies with weak immune systems may be prone. It is best to consult your doctor before administering any probiotics to your little one. 

Probiotics and Colic

Babies with colic are challenging for most parents as they cause hours of crying and sleepless nights. The cause of colic is still unknown but it usually characterizes by severe, prolonged and frequent crying in babies. There are contradicting studies when it comes to relieving colic with probiotics. Studies show that probiotics worked on breastfed babies but not all. There is not much evidence available yet and more research is needed for formula-fed babies and all babies in general.

What is a Belly Band?

A baby belly band is a non-invasive baby accessory that helps warm and protects the tummy. All you have to do is wrap it on your baby's waist and let it do its job. It is completely safe and all-natural, no need to give your baby drops. How it works is simple. It applies gentle pressure on your baby's abdomen, like a snug hug and you can adjust the tightness with its fastener. It also has triple layers made of organic cotton which makes it self-warming. The pressure and the warmth will help your baby pass gas with ease and relieve the symptoms of colic.

 Memeeno Belly Band for gas and colic

Is it Safe for Babies?

Yes. Belly Bands in various forms have been used throughout the centuries in various cultures around the world. They are safe to use as it is an external way of relieving gas and colic. Belly banding is a natural way to soothe your baby. In terms of materials, MEMEENO uses certified organic cotton and organic water-based dyes that are perfectly safe for your baby's skin.

There are proper ways to use the band and they are designed in accordance with the American Academy of Pediatrics' (AAP) guidelines for Safe Sleep. It has undergone various tests to meet all voluntary and mandatory safety regulations in third-party labs certified by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

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We as parents always want what is best for our babies. Whether probiotics or belly bands, both offer promising results in easing our babies growing pains. But more research needs to be done with regards to the benefits and long term health effects of continued use of costly probiotics on babies. Baby belly bands are a safe, external, natural solution that has been used for years throughout the centuries and in various regions around the world. It works for many and not for others.

Whatever you decide, do the research and feel secure that you are doing the best and being the best parents for your little one.



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