3 Tips for Bathing Littles

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mother bathing a baby

Bath time can be stressful for parents if their little ones don't like the sensation of water. However, it is possible to make bath time fun and safe so that you and your child can look forward to it each night. Here are a few tips that you can use to make bath time a good time for both you and your little one. 

Make It Fun

Instead of dreading bath time and passing that stress on to the baby, find ways to make it fun so that your little one will look forward to it. Find age-appropriate bath toys, sing songs as you put the baby in the tub, and name the baby's body parts as you wash them. According toB-Inspired Mama, doing things like using washcloths that are shaped like animals or favorite cartoon characters also helps add some entertainment to bath time. Bubble bath naturally adds fanciness to any bath time, so find a brand that is safe for your little one and add them to the water. Make sure it is non-toxic. Get more fun ideas from the Smart Simple Mom.

Keep it Safe

Keeping a child safe while they take a bath is the primary concern. Children should never be left alone in a bathtub since babies can drown in a matter of seconds. It's also important to check the water yourself before placing your baby in the bathtub. According toGBW.Law, 100-degree bathwater is sufficiently warm for children, even if it might be colder than you as an adult would use for yourself. Babies have delicate skin that can burn quickly. Only add 2 to 3 inches of water for a very young baby's bath. As kids get older, you can increase this slightly, but not a lot of water is needed for the baby to get clean, and safety is more important. When your child can finally sit up on their own, make sure they know that the bathtub is for sitting, not standing or jumping. The slippery bottom of the tub can lead to injuries if a child is not sitting while bathing.

Develop a Routine

Ideally, bath time should happen at the same time every night or every other night. Routines help children know what to expect and what comes next. If they know that bath time happens at the same time and story time and bedtime follow, they will see bath time as a normal step in a sequence that leads to calming down and resting. Children may also be less resistant to bath time if they expect it to occur regularly and know what to expect. According toHappiest Baby, it’s important to try to follow the same routine if you find one that works, such as singing the same songs, using the same toys, and having favorite towels at the ready. Predictability helps kids to embrace necessary tasks.

Bath time may be stressful sometimes, but these things can help make it a little easier. Bath time can be a favorite for mom, dad, and the little one when you follow these simple tips. The next time you give your baby a bath, try them out and see what works for you!

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