3 Important Considerations for Bundling Up Your Kids This Winter

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3 Important Considerations for Bundling Up Your Kids This Winter

For kids, winter counts as one of the most joyous times of the year. It's the time when the neighborhood skating rink opens and your kids can go out for a spin. Numerous snowmen are constructed on the front lawn, and hot cocoa runs in your kitchen like a chocolate river. Naturally, you probably do feel concerned about keeping your kids warm. However, you want to do so without forcing them to sacrifice their fun. These tips allow you to take care of them during the winter months, without cramping their style.

Think Weather-Resistant

One of the reasons why kids can get cold very quickly in the winter is because they wind up getting wet under their coats. One way around this is to provide them with clothing that is more weather-, or at least water-, resistant. If you don’t know the difference between waterproof and water-resistant, here it is: according to Running Warehouse, if you buy your kids a water-resistant jacket, you can expect the jacket to keep them dry for up to 45 minutes. However, if you buy them a waterproof jacket, like a rain slicker, then they will stay completely dry because the coat is waterproof.


Dressing in layers is a popular go-to method for keeping warm. According to Rags, when kids are dressed in layers it’s much easier for them to adjust to different indoor temperatures. This plan works well if you know that you're going somewhere where your kids will spend most of the time indoors but have the opportunity to spend time outdoors as well. For example, if your kids love to go visit their grandma and build a snowman in the front yard, then dressing in layers makes sense. Chances are good that once they're done with the snowman, they’ll still spend several more hours inside before your family goes home. Dressing in layers allows them to adjust easily and quickly to the circumstances of the visit.

Layers are also perfect when your kids plan to do something very active in the cold, like skiing or sledding. Yes, you can overheat in the snow. Keep your children from getting too hot or too cold by layering their little bodies. Layers may include sweaters, moisture-wicking undergarments, and jackets underneath their puffer coat. 

Invest in Boots

Cold, wet conditions wreak havoc on your kids' feet during the winter. Investing in some warm boots and several pairs of thick socks helps you to protect their feet from frostbite. Before you put their boots on, start with a pair of cotton socks. Next, put a pair of wool socks on top of those. Finally, when you do buy boots, make sure that they fit your kids well. You want to leave some room so that multiple layers of socks can fit inside of them.

While it is tempting to stay inside during the wintertime, going outside and playing in the snow is a rite of passage for most kids. It's probably just as common for parents to worry about whether or not their kids are going to stay warm. However, if you follow the three tips in this blog post, then most of the time your kids should stay dry, warm, and comfortable while they're outside in the winter.

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