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10 Helpful Tips In Choosing A Baby Name

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 As per Social Security Administration, for over a century now, the most popular name in the United States is, "James" which was named to 4,700,229 boys, and "Mary" for 3,196,385 girls. If you want your child's moniker to be included in the most popular name list, you may do so. But before anything else, there are so many things to consider in choosing your baby's name.

Many new parents don't know where to start when choosing a name for their little one. They might be considering the trending names out there or a name from their favorite movie or TV show. Choosing the right name is important since your child will carry that name through their entire life. Having a name is part of one's identity that's why selecting the right name for a baby is one big decision. Once you named your child, there is no turning back, so best be guided by these tips in choosing your baby's name.

1. How About Classic Names?

Classic names are a good choice and sound timeless. These names may sound familiar to almost everybody, but there are some classic names that are not super popular. Names like Amelia, Anderson, Beatrice, Clifford, Declan, Everett, Maxwell, Meredith, Rosemary, Ruth, Saul, Sawyer, Siobhan, Thomas, and Zachariah, and a whole lot more. You may have heard them, but not many people are using these classic names. These monikers sounds like they can be used in any era. 


2. Look Into Your Family Tree

Memeeno Blog: 10 Helpful Tips In Choosing A Baby Name

Look over your family tree or ask your parents about your past family members' names. You can be inspired to name your child before a significant family member or combine them with other names. Just be creative, and you might come up with something unique, beautiful, and most of all, special. 


3. Think About Cultural Names

Your culture may have wonderful names that you can explore and it's also a great way to honor your heritage. Oliver or Olivia is one of the British top baby names, while Sofia and Hugo are popular in Spain. You could be inspired by an American hero or name your baby from someone who made a good impact in today's world.


4. Look Up The Meaning

Memeeno Blog:10 Helpful Tips In Choosing A Baby Name

We want to make sure that the name we will give to our child has a good meaning. Know the name's meaning to avoid regrets. Like for instance, the name "Emily", which comes from the root word aemulus, which means rival, or "Leah" could be biblical but it means tired or weary. You want your baby's name to have positive meanings so make sure to look it up before making a decision. 


5. Disregard Temporary Trends

Think of the consequences when using trending names. Will it still sound good after 10 years? Will your child have a hard time explaining how to pronounce their names in the future? Or will it sound ridiculous for others? We understand you want your little one's name to be unique and rare, but it is wise to consider if it's good for your child. It's not always advisable to follow a trend. For instance, names that are long-spelled like Hayleigh or Braeden. You do not want them to suffer correcting people every time someone misspelled or mispronounces their names. Save your kid from that complication.


6. Check Possible Nicknames

Memeeno Blog: 10 Helpful Tips In Choosing A Baby Name

When choosing a moniker, consider what the shorter version of it will sound like. You do not want other kids making fun of your child's nickname so make sure that it doesn't sound funny. Make sure you as parents, are happy with both the name and the nickname before deciding what to name your bundle of joy.


7. Make It Short

Do not make your baby's name too long, especially if she already has a long last name. Save your child's efforts when writing her name on a school paper or when filling out forms by going easy on the spelling, vowels, and consonants. 


8. Consider Middle Names

Memeeno Blog: 10 Helpful Tips In Choosing A Baby Name

You might consider a middle name to match the first or last name of your child or to honor a family member. For instance, there's a name from your family that has been passed down from generations, but you have no interest in using it and do not want to offend anyone. Instead of making the name of your son, Simon IV, you can include it as a middle name like, Cole Simon.


9. Initials Can Be A Good Idea

If you are using middle names, consider their initials as they can be used as your child's nickname. Like A.J. for Amelia Jane or C.J. for Cleo Jean. Just make sure the names you are going to choose will not make funny initials.


10. Does it Sound Good For You?

Memeeno Blog: 10 Helpful Tips In Choosing A Baby Name

Try to say the name out loud, imagine calling your little one that name, does it fit or sound good? Also, try to search if the name you are considering is associated with a film or with someone who has a bad image, as you do not want people linking your child's name to it.

It would be best to plan and choose your baby's name carefully while you are still in your second or third trimester. It is good to be prepared before the big day. If you are still undecided, seek a help of a family member or think about the tips mentioned, and hopefully, you and your partner can come up with a wonderful name for your little one. 


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