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Brand Ambassador's Collab Terms & Conditions



MEMEENO will be sending you a product that is part of the Brand Ambassador Program. By accepting the terms and conditions, you agree within 3 weeks of receiving your product to provide to us and post an image to your social media page and a video unboxing & product review that can be used by MEMEENO, royalty free, on all its platforms. We also request for you to follow MEMEENO on all its social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok: @mymemeeno)

In exchange you will receive free product, a discount code and % monetary commissions based on each of your sales. Unable to fulfill this agreement will result in you being charged for the said product and nullification of contract. 


See our website and our Instagram for inspiration about our Brand style. Please also see our photography, video, and product review guidelines below:


Here are some quick tips that can help you in your photos of your babe.

  •  Baby should be wearing ONLY a WHITE onesie or just a diaper. Band is NOT supposed to be worn over outer clothes or pajamas
  • The brand label should be visible in pictures. The end of the flap should be on the baby's side (see IG photos examples) instagram.com/mymemeeno
  • The background should be white/light crème/grey. A White sheet or bedspread. White crib.
  • Band should be as low on the torso as possible. IT SHOULD NOT BE ON Baby’s chest.
  • Photograph near a window to get a lot of natural light in a photo

 With these tips, the video/photos will be great. Thanks so much mama!



  1. Bright & Airy, Mainly White, &/or Cream, Light Gray Background, clutter free
    1. Refer to memeeno.com for brand style
  2. Places to Shoot – Crib, bed (white bedding/blanket), light sofa or chair(light gray or white preferable) no clutter, plain background or outside for shots of carrying car seat, stroller.
  3. Swaddloop blanket Baby Poses
    1. Swaddled – regular swaddle, bottom knot swaddle
    2. Sitting on floor/bed on top of blanket
    3. Blanket on top of baby on bed/chair/floor/crib
    4. Just legs & blanket
    5. Close-ups of product on baby
  4. Mama Poses – Using the Loop in the Swaddle
    1. If possible suggest mama to wear solid, light colors
    2. Nursing on chair or couch or bed (if she plans on breastfeeding)
    3. Carrying baby with blanket thrown over
    4. Mama putting Swaddloop on
    5. Carrying car seat with Blanket over car seat
    6. Pushing stroller with Blanket over stroller
    7. Carrying, hugging baby with MEMEENO belly band
    8. Kissing baby on head while holding baby wearing belly band or blanket
    9. SUPER HERO MOM (Mommy & Me Pose) – This pose is part of our supporting SUPPORTING SUPER HERO MOMS #mysupermompower campaign. We believe that every mom is a super hero, even when her cape is off and we want to spotlight her as such. 
  • This should be fun for you and baby. The pose indicated here will be Mama wearing the Swaddloop as a cape while holding her baby, demonstrating her hero status! 
  1. Accessories
    1. MEMEENO matching Top Knot Hat
    2. MEMEENO Belly Band – see website for photo examples. Please photograph the belly band separately from the blanket and hat. Because the band is made from organic cotton and dyes and is a different material as the swaddle and hat, the colors vary.
    3. PLEASE see website for photo examples. Please fasten band on belly and not above the belly area of baby. DO NOT fasten on chest under the arms. It should be closer to the diaper over the belly. It can be worn without a Onesie on bare skin or over a Onesie. It should not be worn over outer clothes.  Please be sure that the end does not flap up. It should be smoothed down.
      1. Preferably a white Onesie underneath so that band patterns and colors stand out.                                                                             Short Video Clips (1 to 5 minutes)
    1. Baby wearing belly band lying down.
    2. Mom putting belly band on and then carrying baby.
    3. Mom taking belly band off. 
    4. Mom holding baby with belly band on. etc.
    5. Babies moving on top of blanket or under it
    6. Mom threading the Swaddloop
    7. Swaddling the baby using the blanket
    8. Baby legs moving underneath the blanket
    9. Baby sleeping in Swaddle
    10. Mom putting on Swaddloop nursing cover on her
  2. All photos/video must be hi-resolution sent by e-mail or provided online for download: FILTER- free, unedited. send to: memeenoinfo@gmail.com
  3. You will not hold MEMEENO liable for any type use of your video or photo images. 
  4. You agree to the release of liability for the use of your photos and videos.
  5. MEMEENO is free to use photos/video royalty free for advertising, printed promotional materials and marketing activities to promote the brand.
  6. If photo/video is not provided, you will be charged the full total value of item/s sent.


THANK YOU!! Looking forward to a great Collab!

If you have questions feel free to email at support@memeeno.com