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Baby Belly Band - White Lines on Baby Blue

  • The 100% organic cotton front and back with an infill of super soft fleece is all you need to keep baby’s tummy warm and protected. The band is used as a natural and safe method to help soothe tummy aches, gas and colic symptoms. 
  • The band can be worn anytime and is best used after giving baby a warm bath.
  • Non-slip and sized for comfort, the band is made with baby Velcro. The  size is specially designed for 0-12 month old infants. It is BPA Free, Phthalate Free, Latex Free, Lead Free, Anti-bacterial, eco-friendly, and washable.
  • There are many exclusive print patterns that blend delicate classic designs with a modern, stylish flare. 
  • A perfect gift for baby showers. Moms will love it and will thank you!