50 Things Every Mom Wants To Hear

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50 Things Every Mom Wants To Hear


Mother's Day is just around the corner; while everybody is thinking of something to surprise their mothers, most moms only want a quiet time or a break to pamper themselves. Being a mom is not easy; there are certainly a lot of good and not-so-good days. Moms make a lot of sacrifices and extensive efforts and have to put a lot of patience into ensuring their kids and family are well taken care of. They surely deserve a day of special treatment, pampering, and appreciation. Honoring them on mother's day doesn't need to be extravagant. Most moms would feel special by receiving hugs and sweet messages from their kids and family. Here are what most moms want to hear, mother's day or not, that captures their hearts.

  1. Thank you, mom.
  2. You are one strong woman.
  3. You are doing great, mama!
  4. I already took care of the dishes. (or any chores you have done)
  5. Do you need help?
  6. Get some sleep, mama.
  7. I'll take the kids out.
  8. Take a shower, mama; I'll watch the baby for you.
  9. I'll do the groceries; just give me a list.
  10. I made you a tea/coffee.
  11. The laundry is done!
  12. The bathroom is clean!
  13. I hired a cleaner.
  14. I made dinner.
  15. You were right. (about her opinion, decision, etc.)
  16. I understand how you feel.
  17. I hear what you are saying.
  18. Okay, mom, I'll do it now.
  19. I've hired a babysitter for our date night.
  20. Anything you want to do today?
  21. Go and do some shopping; I'll watch the kids.
  22. Go out with your friends; I'll be in charge of the household.
  23. Don't worry. I have taken care of the errands.
  24. Done eating mom, I have a clean plate!
  25. I have put my dirty clothes in the hamper.
  26. I'm done picking up my toys.
  27. How's your day, mom?
  28. I know you are tired, mom. Take a rest.
  29. I have poured you a glass of wine.
  30. Get a haircut or your nails done. You deserve it.
  31. What do you want for lunch?
  32. I fed the kids.
  33. I've got the best mama in the world!
  34. I have spa vouchers for you!
  35. You always make things better.
  36. All your efforts are appreciated, mom.
  37. Thank you for cooking my favorite food!
  38. I'm done cleaning my room, mom.
  39. You are beautiful, mama.
  40. Thank you for helping me, mom.
  41. I miss you, mom.
  42. I am sorry, mom.
  43. I'll do this for you, mom!
  44. You deserve the best!
  45. You make everything alright, mom.
  46. I want to be exactly like you when I grow up.
  47. I am lucky to have a mom like you.
  48. You take my worries away, mom.
  49. Our home is not complete without you.
  50. I love you, mom.

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